Intex is a specialty manufacturer of molded foam parts for the office furniture, automotive, marine, healthcare and packaging industries.

Three rotary tables are available, two with 60 stations and the other with 96 stations. Each table is able to produce a new part every 7.5 seconds. With single cavity molds, capacity on each machine is 2.4 million parts per year.   In addition, a lower volume pilot cell is available for smaller runs and prototype trials.

The urethane metering and mixing system is based on industry leader Cannon high pressure technology, and includes robot positioning of the mixing head for accurate adherence to custom pour patterns.

Maximum mold size on the 60 station tables is 9″ x 15″ and 18″ x 30″ on the 96 station unit.

Intex offers prototyping services for the development and testing of parts prior to going into full production. A universal mold carrier has been designed to fit the Intex production systems, so that all testing can be carried out on real-time production systems.